How To Read Google eBooks On Nook

Reading Google Books On Your Nook(tm)

Google eBooksDear User, Please note that the following instructions on how to read your Google Books on your Nook, have been extracted directly from Google’s Book help section. In addition. The following instructions are for purchased books only and not about Google’s free ebooks. To get yourself familiar with how to read your Google purchased ebooks with you Nook, please watch this short video first, to get an overview of how the process works. This also applies for Sony and Android powered devices.

How to transfer your purchased Google eBook to your eReader

Transferring Google Purchased eBooks To Nook, Sony Or Android Devices

First time only

1. If you haven’t done so already, install the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions software to your computer and follow the instructions to create an Adobe ID.
2. Now follow steps below.

All other times

1. Go to the “About this book” page for your ebook by clicking on its cover under “My eBooks”. This page lists an “Overview” of the book, along with other information about the title.
2. Click on “Read on your device”.
3. Click on either the EPUB or PDF link for the Google eBook file you’d like to transfer. This will download the ACSM file onto your computer.
4. Open the ACSM file from your computer, and the file should open with Adobe Digital Editions. If it does not, right-click the .acsm file and select “Open With…” and open the file with Adobe Digital Editions”.
5. Your Google eBook is now added to the “All Items” bookshelf in the Library View. If you are not in the Library View, click on the top-left most icon in the window.
6. Connect your Nook to your computer with a USB cable provided with the device.
7. Confirm that Adobe Digital Editions recognizes your Nook™ as a device under Bookshelves in left-hand pane (see below). If it does not, close Adobe Digital Editions and reopen it with the USB cable in place.
8. Click and drag the Google eBook in the right-hand pane onto the Nook™ icon in the left-hand pane.
9. Note: If you are not able to drag the Google Books onto the icon, the device is not authorized. After a few seconds, confirm the transfer is complete by clicking on the Nook icon and locating the Google eBook.

Before disconnecting, safely eject the Nook™ from your computer (or unmount the device on Mac).

That’s it! You can also visit the official Google Books Help Support for more information.