Google eBooks On Kindle And Other Devices

How To Read Google eBooks On Kindle?

We have been approached several time by our readers via email asking us if Google eBooks are compatible with Kindle. Rather than responding to them individually, we figured it was better to write it here for everyone to know, that sadly, Google eBooks are at this time not compatible with Kindle.

Supported Reading Devices For Google eBooks

iriver Story HD Digital EBook Reader
Barnes & Noble Nook
Sony Reader Library 3.1-3.3
PRS-300 Reader™ Pocket Edition
PRS-350 Reader™ Daily Edition
PRS-500 Reader™
PRS-505 Reader™ *
PRS-600 Reader™ Touch Edition
PRS-650 Reader™ Daily Edition
PRS-900 Reader™ Daily Edition
Kobo Inc. – Kobo eReader N416
Aluratek – Aluratek eBook Reader Pro “Libre”

Digital Editions Supported Devices

Google adopts Adobe eBook DRM. Read more

The following devices and mobile phone applications are compatible with Adobe’s comprehensive, end-to-end platform for eBooks. The devices support PDF and EPUB content, either unprotected or protected by Adobe® Content Server 4 software. These eBooks can be acquired by the listed devices either via wireless connection provided by the device (if available) or via a USB connection from the device to a computer running Adobe Digital Editions, the desktop application for organizing and reading eBooks on Macs and Windows® enabled computers.

View the list here.