Free Audio Books scours the web for audible or audio books that are only within the “General Public Domain” (if you live outside of the USA, please verify your local regulations about copyrighted material).  Audio books, also known by some as CD-Audio, Talking Books, Audible, MP3, etc., brings a new and exciting way of having fun while at the same time equally educational. Free Audio Books provides audible material, making it a resource for literacy, vision disabilities, etc..

All audio books on FreeAudioBooks.ws are in the public domain. This means that no one holds a copyright on these audiobooks and therefore anyone including FreeAudioBooks.ws is free to distribute them. Note that they are free to distribute and can not be sold or any credit of some sort, be claimed.

Except for otherwise noted, Audio Books that are part of the public domain are digitized and recorded by volunteers that coordinate themselves through a variety of websites. Most of these public domain books, are digitized by Gutenberg.org and recorded by Librivox.org. FreeAudioBooks.ws draws on these public domain sources to deliver free audio books to you in an engaging and fun way. If you are looking for something specific and can not find it here, please contact us, and we will see what we can do. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!