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Happily Ever after in the Real World…

Customer Review

“I love this book! If I would have had this book when I was just starting out and took some of the pointers to heart I probably would have had a better relationship as there are so many valid points in this book that just didn’t enter my mind way back then. That’s not to say the book would have been the only answer as a lot comes down to your partner too. However, at this stage in my life, looking back after reading this book, I found that so much of it was spot on in terms of advice and life strategies, especially the points as far as being a woman first, wife second and then a mother. I would read a chapter and say to myself, “that’s so true” or “that makes sense” or “I remember going through that stage”. Anne’s advice is sound for any generation, then and now… it’s timeless.

Publisher’s Summary

Improve-Relationships-Happy-Ever-AfterAnother book on relationships?! Yes! But this one is different: Anne Benissan has been walking the road she preaches. She has been in a happy relationship with the same man for over 18 years. Anne is only interested in results. Her goal is not to improve your relationship for a day or two, it is for you to love and thrive in your relationship in the long run. Her perspective is new, creative, and efficient. Chapter after chapter, listeners will learn what simple steps can be taken to dramatically improve their own relationship. listeners will love the fact that the business of their daily lives has not been ignored; on the contrary, Anne focuses on how to manage a romantic relationship in today’s busy world. She also believes that women and men have different needs in a relationship that must be understood and met in order for that relationship to prosper.

Anne claims that a long-term relationship is a great asset to sailing through life, if we take the time to nurture this relationship. Doing so is not necessarily easy, but it is very rewarding because we have the opportunity to become a better person in the process of resolving issues with our partner. One after another, Anne reveals the foundations of a respectful and deeply loving relationship, believing that it is only those relationships that will last. Marriage may be in crisis and the divorce rate may be soaring, but this refreshing book will teach you what truly makes a long-term relationship last and thrive in the real world.

  • Written by: Anne Benissan
  • Narrated by: Anne Benissan
  • Length: 8 hrs and 22 mins
  • Format: Unabridged
  • Release Date:06-19-14

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