Free Audiobooks For Fire Phone

Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO of today unveiled its first smartphone ever. As you would imagine with a smartphone, the Fire Phone comes with a wide variety of features that most smartphones have, but with the added features unique to the Fire Phone.

As Jeff officially announced, he says that …

Amazon-Fire-Phone-Audiobook-AppFire is the only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly, two new technologies that allow you to see and interact with your world through a whole new lens.

Dynamic Perspective uses a custom-designed sensor system that responds to the way you hold, view, and move your phone. It opens up a new class of immersive apps and games not possible on other smartphones, as well as one-handed navigation and gestures like auto-scroll—read long web pages and books without ever touching the screen.

Firefly is a new technology that quickly recognizes printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR and bar codes, artwork, movies, music, and millions of products, making it easy to discover information, share items with friends, and more. It works in seconds—simply press and hold the Firefly button.

Free Audiobooks For The Fire Phone?

As with the free audiobooks for Kindle Fire, the Fire Phone comes pre-installed with a lot of built-in-apps. One of them, if you guessed right is the “audible” app, meaning that all of the audiobooks that are available on this site from, can be played into the Fire Phone, cool!

So, if you are thinking of getting or already have a Fire Phone, all you have to do is browse the free audible section and download free audio books for your Fire Phone.

And in case you are wondering, yes the Whispersync for Voice technology is also there. Listen to an audiobook on your commute, then automatically pick up where you left off at home, on your Kindle. Whispersync also works across Kindle e-readers and reading apps, Amazon Instant Video, and select GameCircle titles.