Free Christmas Audio Books

Audio book Stories with a Christmas theme

Here are some suggestions for family Christmas listening

  • A short book, perfect for younger listeners, read by Kara Shallenberg: Christmas Holidays at Merryvale by Alice Hale Burnett.
  • The Christmas Angel by Abbie Farwell Brown, very much in the spirit of Dickens’ Christmas stories, read by Jan MacGillivray.
  • The Birds’ Christmas Carol by Kate Douglas Wiggin, a charming story of Christmas cheer.
  • Old Christmas by Washington Irving, a tale of the quaint and old English traditions of celebrating Christmas.
  • Christmas Eve ghost stories Told after Supper by Jerome K. Jerome at his tongue-in-cheek best, read by Ruth Golding.
  • “If you don’t like Christmas stories, don’t read this one! And if you don’t like dogs I don’t know just what to advise you to do!” says Eleanor Hallowell Abbott, author of Peace On Earth, Good-Will To Dogs, read by Allyson Hester.
  • A grumpy gent learning the lesson of Christmas in Santa Claus’s Partner by Thomas Nelson Page.
  • Two versions of The Spirit of Christmas, a group of stories, essays and prayers by Henry van Dyke.
  • … and no Christmas would be complete without Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, of which we now have two English versions and a Dutch, Een Kerstlied in Proza.

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