Free Audio Books For Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone

The introduction of audio books has made reading much more convenient. Deciding as to which device you would want to use to listen your audio books can be overwhelming with so much choices available. Take Microsoft’s new Surface and Windows powered phones. It may just be a new kid on the block, but Microsoft Surface provides more variety as it is a tablet PC.

Microsoft Surface Audio Books

Anyway, one good thing about the Surface is its ability to watch and listen media files of all types. Therefore, all audio books that are available here on FAB will work just fine with your Surface device.

Audible Windows Phone App

If you have a Windows phone and would like to listen to the audio books that are available to download for free on, then you may want to install the free app, which you can find here.

If you have a different OS or device, and want to download the app, you can see if there is one available for free here.