Free Kids Books with Audio and Synchronized Images

Free kids audiobooks is actually easy to find, however, what is not easy are those that have Synchronized images.

What is Audio with synchronized images?

Audio with synchronized images are audiobooks that have images that play along on your computer or supported device screen as you listen. Currently there are over 200+ collection of kids audiobooks with synchronized images, available on Not all audio players support this feature though. In order to receive the audio book with synchronized images feature, you must download the audio book in the Enhanced format. If you prefer to listen to the audio without synchronized images, simply download in any of the other audio formats.

The following players are compatible with Synchronized images:

kids books with audioAudible for Android app and Audible for iPhone app (for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) – these are also compatible with WhisperSync for Voice

 iPod Classic (released 10/07 or later)
 iPod Nano (3rd generation or later)
 iPod Touch
 Microsoft Zune
 Microsoft Zune HD
 Philips GoGear SA52xx series
 Philips GoGear Opus
 Philips GoGear Muse
 Philips GoGear Vibe
 Sansa Fuze

Download Kids Audiobooks for Free

As we mentioned before, there are over 200+ audiobooks that you can download on Most of the audiobooks are free, with just a simple risk free trial registration.

Popular Titles, such as:

and a lot more…

[note]Check out all available Kids Audiobooks with Synchronized images available for download here.[/note]