What Is Whispersync for Voice

Amazon recently released its WhisperSync for Voice, so you no longer have to put a good book down. With Whispersync for Voice, switching from reading text on your Kindle and listening to the Audible audiobook is just a click away.

We all know that reading books on our car is not only bad, it is not recommended. However, Audiobooks are great for listening, among other things,  during that monotonous travel between our home to our office.

Amazon, with WhisperSync for Voice has combined the two experiences (reading and listening) together, letting you pick up in text right where your audio book left off, or vice-versa.

whispersync for voice

In this case, if you have listened half-way through chapter three while in the car, for example, but you feel like reading something after you get home, your Kindle HD, will bring you in the text exactly to where you stopped listening your audiobook.

So basically, that is what Whispersync for Voice is all about.

Here’s a quick video, to know about it a bit more:

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