Slim Forever for Women: Subliminal Self Help Audiobook

Slim Forever for Women Review

“Try it, it actually works” – I noticed a definite reduction in appetite from the first listen. I was skeptical, but figured for the low price, what the heck. The downside: time consuming to keep up with the daily relaxation exercises, but it beats the alternative: overeating.

Slim Forever for Women Summary

It’s a scientific fact: subliminal persuasion works. Now you can lose weight anywhere, anytime…without dieting. Listen to Slim Forever as you dress in the morning, travel to work, or when you want to unwind. Just listen to this gentle combination of soothing relaxation techniques, soft music, and persuasive affirmations and let your subconscious do the rest. Soon you’ll discover new inner energy that will burn off pounds quicker and easier than you ever dreamed possible, and keep them off forever! The key to success is in your mind.

This proven method of automatic weight loss, specially designed for women, taps your greatest natural resource, your mind, so that you can:

  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight;
  • Feel confident, refreshed, and full of positive energy;
  • Melt away pounds from any area you choose;
  • Break the vicious cycle of hunger, guilt, depression;
  • Enjoy foods that turn into beauty and good health;
  • Be attractive, active, in demand, and much more!

Slim Forever For Women

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