Being There by Jerzy Kosinski Narrated by Dustin Hoffman Audiobook

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“Yes. Yes. Yes.” – This, in my opinion, is what an audiobook should be: a great story read to you by a great reader. Too often in these audiobooks, the narrators adopt different voices for the different characters and try too hard to act out the book. It can get pretty cheesy, especially when a man tries to sound like a woman or a child, or the narrator attempts accents and then gets mixed up about which character has what accent. Dustin Hoffman, who can act rings around most narrators out there, simply reads this book with only very subtle character voice changes. The result is very satisfying. I hope that Audible expands this series.

Being There Summary

Dustin Hoffman Being ThereJerzy Kosinski’s clever parable of a naive man thrust into the modern world is more pointed now than ever. Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man, The Graduate), perhaps best known for his portrayals of vulnerable characters and antiheroes, gives an understated and exemplary performance of this satiric look at the unreality of American media culture.

Chance, the enigmatic gardener, becomes Chauncey Gardiner after getting hit by a limo belonging to a Wall Street tycoon. The whirlwind that follows brings Chance to his new status of political policy advisor and possible vice presidential candidate. His garden-variety political responses, inspired by television, become heralded as visionary, and he is soon a media icon due to his unknown background and vague, yet appealing, conversational nature. Being There was adapted into an Academy Award-winning film, starring Peter Sellers as Chance, in 1979.

Being There is part of Audible’s A-List Collection, featuring the world’s most celebrated actors narrating distinguished works of literature that each star helped select.

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being there Dustin Hoffman

  • by Jerzy Kosinski
  • Narrated by Dustin Hoffman
  • Length:2 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release Date:06-13-12
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