Tai-Pan: A Novel of Hong Kong by James Clavell Audiobook

Customer Review

“A great audio book” – I am working my way through James Clavell’s books and this is a fine example of his work. It’s an exciting tale of the founding of Hong Kong and the First Opium War and Clavell shows his usual skill of describing a clash of two cultures and the intrigue and conflict that comes with it.

I would also like to say that this is one of the best examples of an audio book I have heard to date. The narrator does an excellent job and really brings the characters and story to life.  With its multitude of accents and extensive use of Pigeon English, it must be one of the more challenging books to narrate, but this is a triumph.


After the British seize Hong Kong following the first Opium War, the owners of two competing trading companies seek to destroy each other, both professionally and personally.

©1966 James Clavell; (P)2000 Books on Tape

What the Critics Say
“Grand entertainment.” (The New York Times)