Shogun: A Novel of Japan by James Clavell Audiobook

Customer Review

“Life changing” – This book has chaged my views on leadership, government, love, and faith and everything in between. It has really made me question the norms of society. This is my third time listening to this book in three years, but don’t let the length of it fool you it moves so quickly and keeps your attention.
“… what is life but a dream.”


A bold English adventurer. An invincible Japanese warlord. A beautiful woman torn between two ways of life, two ways of love…. An English captain and his crew are shipwrecked on the coast of feudal Japan. They must deal with two Japanese warlords who are struggling to attain the title of Shogun – and the ultimate power that comes with it.

Shogun Novel Japan

©1975 James Clavell; (P)2000 Books on Tape

What the Critics Say

“Superbly crafted…grips the reader like a riptide…gets the juices flowing!” (Washington Star)
“Exciting, totally absorbing….be prepared for late nights, meals unlasting, buisness unattended.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)
“Adventure and action, the suspense of danger, shocking, touching human relationships…a climactic human story.” (Los Angeles Times)