TeacherLaughs: Quips, Quotes, Anecdotes about the Classroom

TeacherLaughs: Quips, Quotes, Anecdotes about the Classroom Audio Book

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“Can A Former Teacher Relate To This Book?” – This was my very first audible that I have ever listened to and I was very pleased with the quality of the book. This book is very well done. The narrator through his voice, is masterful at capturing the essence of what every teacher goes through at one time or another. The quips, quotes and anecdotes in this book can be enjoyed by present teachers, former teachers and even parents who have been through school experiences with their children. I was laughing out loud in many places of the book because of the subject material and the manner in which the narrator presented it. I am so glad that I chose this book to be the first audible book I purchased.  I definitely would rate this as a 5 star book and would encourage others to listen to it.

Publisher Summary

TeacherLaughs is filled with hilarious and witty anecdotes about teaching and learning from the preschool classroom to the college lecture hall. These selections from comedians and notable personalities including Milton Berle, Ellen Degeneres, and Robin Williams, as well as less well-known teachers and students, tackle subjects like forgotten homework, students who misbehave, and the dreaded parent-teacher conference.

This wonderful volume will help teachers maintain patience, compassion, and, most important, a sense of humor, day in and day out, through rewarding moments and less rewarding ones, from homeroom until the dismissal bell.

Teacher Laughs Quotes Anecdotes

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