Free Audiobooks For MP3 Players

Audiobooks For MP3 Players

Looking for free audio books for your MP3 player? Browse our site and download audio books you wish to listen to (nearly 95% are MP3 compatible and files are clearly marked). You can search via the menu bar or use our Google custom search options.

Once you find the audio book you like, follow the instructions below and you are good to go.

1) Download the zip file of the entire book (or individually in MP3)
You can download a “zip” file that contains all the individual files of an entire book. To do that:

“right-click/save as” the “zip file of the entire book” onto your hard drive
once it is downloaded (it might take a while) double click the zip file, to open it
then use a media player (itunes, winamp, windows media player) to play the files

Now that you’ve got some of the mp3 files in your computer, you can listen to them in several ways. You can listen through your computer speakers using your favorite audio player. You can load the files into an iPod or other portable audio player and listen when and where you like. You can burn the files to an audio cd and listen to them in the car or on your home stereo.

For more detailed instructions, see our User Guide to Listening.

*NOTE: all files are free and public domain in the USA, but may not necessarily be everywhere in the world. Copyright law is a complicated and important business, and we encourage everyone to read more about it. Here are some resources: