Free Audio Books For Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab as many people have been saying takes the iPad concept one step a bit further. Beyond the basics of tablet computing offered by the iPad – Web, Email, eReader, Navigation, Music, Video, Camera (golly, there are a lot of them) – the Galaxy Tab offers phone communications plus video chat and conferencing. That, coupled with the increasing popularity of the Android operating system and aggressive pricing, makes it a formidable contender to the iPad.

As with other devices, Kindle Fire, Nook, etc. users have been asking if the audiobooks that are provide here are compatible with the Galaxy Tab device. The answer is simple.. YES, they are. Most tablets, like The Samsung Galaxy has the capability of playing MP3 files. That said, all free audio books herein are playable with your Galaxy tab. Just browse through, find what you are interested in, download the MP3 file formats and listen it in your Galaxy, just like you would with a normal MP3 music format.

In addition, the Galaxy Tab being powered by Android, you can also enjoy reading Google’s great classic ebooks for free.