Christmas Carol Collections In MP3

by Various

Christmas Carols Collection Audio

LibriVox volunteers get into the festive spirit to bring you this year’s selection of carols and Christmas music – both sacred and secular.

Total running time: 0:42:57

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More Audible Christmas Carols Collection

  1. Chesterton, G. K.. “Christ Child Lay On Mary’s Lap (also known as A Christmas Carol)” (in “Christmas Poetry and Hymn Collection”)
  2. Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. “Christmas Carol, A” (in “Christmas Poetry and Hymn Collection”)
  3. Dickens, Charles. “Christmas Carol, A” · (readers)
  4. Dickens, Charles. “Christmas Carol, A (dramatic reading)” · (readers)
  5. Various. “Christmas Carol Collection 2006” · (readers)
  6. Various. “Christmas Carol Collection 2009” · (readers)
  7. Wiggin, Kate Douglas. “Birds’ Christmas Carol, The” · (readers)

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