Free Audiobooks For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire has just been released and it is normal that we have been receiving some emails about how to listen to the audiobooks that are available here on on Kindle Fire. Rather than responding individually, we decided to just write a post about it.

How To Listen To Free Audiobooks or Audible Books On Kindle Fire

Fortunately, Kindle Fire has internet browsing capability, so all you have to do is to visit our site using your Kindle Fire’s ultra-fast browsing capabilities and download the MP3 files or the OGG files, which are fully compatible with Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire supports many content formats, so once you have downloaded want you want to listen, just use it as you would normally do on your PC.

If you find yourself with limited available space, again Kindle Fire solves you the problem as you can store them on Amazon’s free Cloud storage service. Forget about memory – Kindle Fire gives you free storage for all your Amazon digital content in the Amazon Cloud. Your books, movies, music and apps are available instantly to stream, at a touch of your finger.

Free eBooks For Kindle

In addition to the audio books as mentioned above, nearly 90% of all published books (audio) here are also available in eText or eBook format for Kindle. To download free ebooks for your Kindle, just click on the link that says “Gutenberg eText” as shown below. You will then be taken to Project Gutenberg site where you can download the eBook for Kindle (with or without images).

Free eBooks Kindle

That’s it! Really Simple, and it is one of the reasons, why we love the new device. If you are not a proud owner of Kindle Fire yet, you may want to reconsider. Device aside, being an owner of any Kindle device entitles you to download free eBooks on Kindle Owners Lending Library. Cool!

[note]NEW! Be sure to check out our new Free section. All audiobooks from are Kindle compatible and there are some titles that you can grab for free.. Example: A Game Of Thrones, Red Riding Hood, Eragon Inheritance Cycle Book 4, Angle of Investigation: Three Harry Bosch Stories, etc.. New titles being added regularly. We have also a section where you can get Free Kindle Books (Kindle Edition Only), so check it out.[/note]

If you have any questions about listening to the free audiobooks available here on your Kindle, please do not hesitate to contact us, or leave a comment below.