Google eBooks Integrated e-reader: iriver Story HD

The iriver Story HD is the first e-reader integrated with the open Google eBooks platform, through which you can buy and read Google eBooks over Wi-Fi, will be launched today Sunday, July 17, as announce officially by Google.

iriver story hd google ebook integratedThe iriver Story HD, which is expected to retail for $139.99 (now available here), is slim and lightweight with a high-resolution E Ink screen and a QWERTY keyboard for easy searching. It includes over-the-air access to hundreds of thousands of Google eBooks for sale and more than 3 million for free. With the Story HD you can now browse, buy and read Google eBooks with your e-reader through Wi-Fi, rather than downloading and transferring them from computer to e-reader with a cord.

The iRiver Story HD is a new milestone for Google, as iriver becomes the first manufacturer to launch an e-reader integrated with Google eBooks