Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus eBook

Frankestein Modern PrometheusFrankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus

Editorial Review – Four classic tales of horror and one original monster story are presented in this series. Styles of art and lettering are matched to the period and tone of each volume. Ho’s illustrations for Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde are sepia-toned and accompanied by text in an ornate font, while Zornow’s Sleepy Hollow scenes range from the bright colors of a sunlit farm to the dark, moody road late at night, all accompanied by classic comic-book lettering. Zornow’s original werewolf tale pits the beast against an array of monsters commanded by a vampire in an action-packed adventure well suited to its length. Frankenstein , Jekyll & Hyde , and Mummy (based on an unspecified Bram Stoker work, but drawing heavily on The Jewel of Seven Stars ), unfortunately, all suffer from being so condensed. Still, young horror fans will enjoy these graphic (not gory) renditions.–Beth Gallego, Los Angeles Public Library, North Hollywood .

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Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Sever, Francis, & Co., 1869 – 177 pages