Hilda Wade, A Woman With Tenacity of Purpose

Hilda Wade, A Woman With Tenacity of Purpose

by Grant Allen (1848-1899)

Hilda Wade Audio BookIn this early detective novel, the detective is Hilda Wade. She is a very capable nurse, but there is something mysterious about her from the moment she arrives at the hospital. Upon meeting her, Dr. Hubert Cumberledge greatly admires her and becomes a devoted friend. It turns out that Hilda has one purpose in life, and in pursuit of that purpose she will travel across the world, from London to South Africa, Rhodesia, India, Nepaul, Tibet and back. With Cumberledge’s support, her extraordinary logic and clear thinking lead her on through deadly perils. But will that be enough to accomplish the secret purpose which has driven her so long and so far? (Summary by Mary Ann Spiegel).

Hilda Wade | Tenacity of Purpose MP3 files:

  • The Episode of the Patient Who Disappointed Her Doctor
  • The Episode of the Gentleman Who Had Failed For Everything
  • The Episode of the Wife who did her Duty
  • The Episode of the Man who would not commit Suicide
  • The Episode of the Needle that did not match
  • The Episode of the Letter with the Basingstoke Postmark
  • The Episode of the Stone that looked about it
  • The Episode of the European with the Kaffir Heart
  • The Episode of the Lady who was very Exclusive
  • The Episode of the Guide who knew the Country
  • The Episode of the Officer who understood perfectly
  • The Episode of the Dead Man who spoke

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