Holly Jahangiri’s A Puppy, Not a Guppy (Released)

A Puppy, Not a GuppyReleased!

Inspired by the true story of Holly’s daughter’s unfulfilled dreams of owning a dog, A Puppy, Not a Guppy tells the story of a little girl who desperately wants a puppy she can take on walks and teach to play fetch, but her parents say “no way!”

an excerpt of the book:
“Puppies are a lot of trouble,” added Irma’s dad. “They chew on furniture and tear up house slippers.”
“But I’ll teach him,” said Irma. “I won’t let him do those things! I’ll take good care of him. You’ll see.”
“No puppy,” said Mom and Dad in unison.

Irma felt hot tears well up in the corners of her eyes. She was about to cry, and that made her mad. Irma knew she looked like an overripe tomato when she cried, and her cheeks flushed redder with embarrassment.

“You’re mean!” Irma ran to her room before Mom could send her there for talking back.

The next day, Irma went to visit her friend Jimmy. Jimmy had two dogs, a cat, a parakeet, sixteen pill bugs, and a very fat guppy, with a few smaller guppies, swimming in a small, rectangular aquarium.
“They look kind of boring to me,” said Irma, stifling a yawn. “Do they do anything at all?”
“Sure,” said Jimmy. “They swim. They eat. They…” Jimmy paused for a moment and dropped a food pellet into the tank. “Naaah, you’re right, they’re pretty boring.”
“Why do you keep them, then?”
“I don’t know,” said Jimmy. “I guess I’m just used to them. Hey, you want some of the babies when they’re born?”

“No. I want a puppy, not a guppy.”

…is now officially released and available!
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