AudioBooks: Making Pages Come To Life

Thrift store find: Mark Twain bookImage by litlnemo via Flickr

Being a young child definitely has its advantages. Many of us can recollect back to the times where our folks put us to bed with a nightly story reading and how we looked forward to it. If we were real lucky, mom or pop would even do the characters voices for us. Books came alive these fascinated evenings full of story telling. As life drifts on, days get busier and time has a way of changing the way things are done from one generation to the next. However, story telling has only gotten better thanks to the new arena of audio books.

Instilling a love of reading in our children should be a top concern for us as folks. Reading brings journey, variety and perspective to each person who partakes in it. A worthwhile book can transport its reader from the privacy of their home, to anywhere in the world. Suddenly you are seeing things through the eyes of a total stranger. You can visualize the life of a native tribe deep in the jungles of the Amazon, see the ancient pyramids of Egypt, or walk the traditional pyramids of the cliffs in Eire . Nothing is out of reach when you read.

With audio books you literally are witnessing a tale come to life in an enchanting way. You can to experience a book in the best of both worlds; imagining it in your own mind coupled with listening to the interpretation of someone else. A sentence can have a thousand different meanings depending on the way it is claimed. Listening to the way an audio book is relayed from the storyteller can dilate your perception of a familiar story immediately.

Audio books have been about for quite some time now. Starting back in the early 1980’s, audio books were principally manufactured for children. Story books geared toward the younger crowd came with a little audio tape for following along. Almost all of us can recollect having one of these book & tape sets at one time or another. It was such a treat to be in a position to follow with the storyteller at such a young age. It also assumed that audio books help children find out how to read quicker. Hearing the words and seeing them at the same time stimulate the brain to link the 2. Audio books are an absolute wonder for youngsters learning how to read.

It wasn’t long after that the adult crowd caught onto the fun nature of audio books. Listening to them in cars, at home, or while you exercise is an ideal treat. The tale comes to life in the mind of its listener and seems to grab their attention a bit more than a book alone could do. Children and adults alike are both immersed in the planet of downloading music. After they try out an audio book though , the ocean of possibilities suddenly opens up. If you are having trouble getting a young one to read, or even have trouble wanting to read yourself, audio books can top your interest immediately. Mark Twain once related that people who don’t read are no better than people who cannot read. This statement rings completely true today. There’s a mountain of good literature to be read and listened to. Commence with an fun audio book and be pleasantly surprised!.